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 OWN LAND IN       TEXAS       UNDER LAND           PATENT


Perfect for anyone wishing to Claim their Minor Estate that doesn't already own property under Land Patent.


"HOA members"

"condo owners" etc...

This could be of great help to you!

You get membership to


ASN's of Republic of Texas, PMA


and Title to "Your" Land  in Texas


under Land Patent.


Approximately 9 square feet (3' X 3')

  • A portion of All proceeds to be held in Trust and donated at the appropriate time, to the appropriate parties to aid in the growth and betterment of "We the People"

  • Future plans include Private RV Resort for PMA Members 


Members of ASN's of The Republic of Texas, PMA will have access to our exclusive planned Members only RV Resort. Vacation, meet, camp and socialize with other ASN's. Construction will start at the completion of phase 1 of membership. 

Sign up now. Your Grant Deed will

be recorded and mailed to you after payment received.


Important Notice: We need your full name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address to ensure your deed and Patent are titled correctly and sent to the appropriate address. You can send this information via the contact us now page above. 


Money Order from USPS is preferred. (We want to bypass the corrupt Banks if at all possible. A USPS Money Order can be cashed at the Post Office for cash)

Cash App, Zelle, Cash, Check, or Silver accepted as payment only.

Cash App Payment Address: $asntrt

Zelle Payment Address:


If Mailing Payments, Make all payments out to:


David Waggoner

195 Rainbow Drive, #9573

Livingston, Texas




Note: After Grant Deed and Land Patent are Recorded, ALL Sales are final.

     Cost is only $387.00 

Own Land in Texas under Land Patent

Please fill out the contact form below before making a payment

Judge Dale Quick Read.pdf

The Matrix & The U.S. Constitution.pdf


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